Our Story

My name is Dan,
I am the Founder/Owner of Stratta Specialty Foods.
I created the concept of Spice & EZ  back in about 1995 when i lived in sequoia kings canyon national park. it came out of my love for flavorful foods and my desire to have something I could use to prepare foods while I was camping or out hiking. I wanted something I could take with me while out rock climbing,or trekking into the back country to use it on my meals adding flavor without carrying lots of different spices.

Well years went by, many kitchens,many chefs to learn from,my knowledge and my palate expanded and my creative cooking skills were developed.

 I once created a new product that didn't work,

I combined a laxative and alphabet soup and I called it LETTER RIP ...

So after covid-19 hit and more people were stuck at home now cooking meals every day, I wanted to create something different that gives people good memories and feelings by helping take the pain out of worrying about what spice to put on meats or foods and by using my spice blends they will help you create different meals so you can keep your families happy and healthy.

So now I'm back in the kitchen whipping up some of my incredibly tasty BBQ spice blends & salt rubs

At Spice & EZ ,I source out,I grow, dry & dehydrate locally grown peppers for my pepper powders and lemons for my lemon pepper mixes.

They are hand blended ,shifted, heat sealed and packaged by hand.

They are made with love and commonsense using top quality products in a clean ,sanitary environment.

 I am a servsafe certified food professional,I have a food handlers license and follow strict sanitation standards.

 I hope you enjoy our spice blends and use them to create your own masterpieces.

Come check out our products at www.strattaspecialtyfoods.com
Thank You